Welcome to my studio

I love touring studios and one of my great regrets about participating in the Culture Crawl is that I never get check out other people's studios.  So for all the other artists stuck in their studios, and for my friends and clients in other cities, here is what my studio will be looking like this weekend.

Just come on in...my name is on the door, a first for me!

Small works, a bit of sculpture and my favourite art books.

Some shelf vignettes.

The back wall, with paintings to leaf through.

The west wall.

New paintings I just finished in the past two weeks.  Of course, I work better under pressure, but I am very pleased with them.  After working really hard for different shows in the past year, I vowed that I wouldn't create any more works that I wasn't completely happy with no matter what the consequences.

A combo.  I really like this way of displaying the work.  You could try it using whatever paintings you already have, it's a chance to curate your own walls.  The paintings bounce off each other and cause you to notice what they have in common or their differences.

And food... the only thing I can't share with you on the internet!