Lisa Ochowycz's studio

I am fascinated by other people's studios.  I love poking around and seeing how artists organize things and how the studio reflects the work.  So as part of an occasional series in my blog, I would like to introduce artist's studios that I find interesting.

Lisa Ochowycz is an abstract painter that I met when she was sitting outside my studio one early summer morning, waiting to sign a lease for a new studio space in my building.  She looked so friendly and we hit it off right away, and now that I have moved upstairs my studio is right across the hall from her.  I must admit, I was pretty surprised when I first saw her studio.  Her paintings are complete abstractions, with large areas of floating colour, drippy shapes, and soft transitions of form.  But her studio is divinely organized, and as a naturally messy person I am very impressed.  Anyway, take a look for yourself.  Here is Lisa's studio, and her poetic answers to my nosy questions.

What is your favourite part of the studio?

Firstly, I love the building I am in and the variety of artists I am surrounded by.  As for the studio itself, it's wonderful to have a place that really feels like my own; being tucked away up in the mezzanine, with lots of light, my painting wall, a small selection of teas, and a little tapenade and fresh all adds up to providing a great deal of artists legroom.  I feel so fortunate to have this space.

Can you tell me about your studio routine?

As an abstract expressionist it's become apparent that each element of my day is related to my time in the studio. Friendships, family, biking to my studio, chai at Granville Island, they're all precursors that set the stage for what can happen when I'm in front of a blank panel.  Once I've arrived at my studio I prefer to start my time with writing a bit in my journal it's an effortless way to achieve a general focus and clarity.  By the time the first brush strokes are made I'm clear and feel in tune and I don't feel overshadowed by whatever stresses may have accumulated during the day.

What is one thing that really inspires your creativity?
Acquiring a depth of understanding in life is the greatest muse I've come across, and few things promote it more than music.

To see more of Lisa's work, please check out her website.