Vancouver is gift-wrapped and ready for the world!

With the Olympics only a week away, Vancouver is all fixed up. Some might even say tarted up.  Interestingly, in the tradition of Potemkin Villages everywhere, a lot of the decoration is purely gift-wrapping.  Buildings have been wrapped in bright banners and advertising, so that everything looks great.  As soon as the Olympics are over we can unwrap them and return to the normal state of greyness.

I love the gift wrapping of the buildings! If I had my way, the whole city of Vancouver would be bright and colourful all the time, much like it was during Expo '86.  I have seen some great use of colour in new architecture, and I think a city like Vancouver which is rainy and dark for much of the year can use a hit of colour. My own home and my art are always packed with bright colour and it's very energizing.

The gift wrapping began with the Hotel Georgia condiminium complex.  You can see the flag here, and also reflected across the street:

Advertisers are building-wrapping as well:


But my favourite is the Vancouver Art Gallery, where Taiwanese artist, Michael Lin has wrapped the gallery in gorgeous flowers.  In my opinion it looks much better this way!

The colour creates an energy and happiness in the building. People were milling around the VAG courtyard in a way you never see normally. I am convinced that colour generates good energy!

Yes, Vancouver is all ready for her close-up.  Even the peeler bars are getting into the act: