A dose of cute

Every once in a while I need a dose of cute. Whether it is watching Maru videos on YouTube or cruising a toy store , I crave a dip into the pool of all that is sweet and colourful.  This past weekend in Seattle, I was able to satisfy my cuteness cravings at Kinokuniya Books. This Japanese bookstore sells Paumes books, which are books made in Japan but featuring bright and creative homes, studios and stores around the world.

So far I have two of the books, but when I browse the website I long for more and more. The rooms are energetic and inspiring, filled with colour, art supplies, beautiful vignettes and adorable cats and dogs. Each feature is like visiting the home of some wonderful, creative friend whose energy and ingenuity make you feel energized.  The text is in Japanese, but since the images are so inspiring, I don’t think it matters. And the website has a mini gallery section as well.

I don’t think anyone can read these without feeling like creating something, whether it is a beautiful meal, a tabletop display or…art.