colour palette

Fall colours

Today is the first official day of fall and a good day to get back into blogging. After a summer of travel, some relaxation and not enough time in the studio, I am ready to get back to painting daily and blogging regularly. Also my Canon Elph died after seven years of hard work so I have a new camera, which is both hot pink and much smaller than my previous camera, so I can carry it everywhere and I hope to capture a lot more of the things I see that inspire my art.


This is my new camera, which the opinionated saleslady did not even want to show me, assuring me that the colour was an awful one that nobody liked.  Perhaps I should have gotten a discount?  It’s surprising how much pleasure I get from objects in bright colours. Well, perhaps not surprising if you look at my art. One of the banes of my art school existence was the insistence by instructors and other students that I was using too much colour. Yet when I painted, using pure colour and juxtaposing the colours energized the artwork for me.  And I noticed that the other students frequently aped the drab colour schemes of their peers, which is neither creative nor original. My paintings are not for everyone, but certain special people love them a lot. Thank heavens for those people!

Right now I am completing three paintings in the studio, and I am really excited about this one. My process of tearing the work means that I have no idea what the painting will look like until it’s completed, but when I began tearing these three paintings I was delighted. I will post all three when I’m done, but here is the one which I am most excited about right now.

The revealed layers have an incredible harmony of palette, which was completely unconscious.  I love revealing the painting underneath and excavating everything that went before. It will be interesting to see how it looks once the resin is applied and the colour comes up even brighter. Just looking at this painting in the studio is giving me great pleasure, and I can hardly wait to finish it tomorrow. Stay tuned for the final product.